How to Get Blazamut in Palworld

Who doesn't love a big bear of a fire lizard?

Getting Blazamut is no easy task. Here’s how to get Blazamut in Palworld.

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How to Get Blazamut in Palworld

If you like big burly fire types, then you’ll want to get your hands on Blazamut. And, unfortunately, there are only two places you can encounter it. Both of which are out of the way. There’s the Alpha Bazamut on Mount Obsidian, which does respawn, and the wild Blazamut. Here’s how to find both.

How to Find Alpha Boss Blazamut in Palworld

There are a handful of Alpha bosses in Palworld that are hidden in secret mineshafts. Those bosses are Lyleen Noct, Ice Kingpaca, and Blazamut.

But Blazamut might be the hardest to find, if only because of its location. The lava fields on Mount Obsidian. To find it, head to the waypoint Foot of the Volcano on the eastern shore of Mount Obsidian.

Then, head west, up the mountain. As the cubic ruins rise up to the left, keep an eye on the mountainside. Especially when the name “Scorching Mineshaft” appears.

Eventually, you’ll see a wooden gate, torches, and a Paldium Fragment marking the entrance. It can be easier to find at night, as the torches light the way. Its exact coordinates are -433, -532.

Enter the mineshaft. You may find that it looks blocked off. But continue straight through, and you’ll clip through the “wall.” Within, you’ll find the Alpha Blazamut, who is level 49 with 3,635 HP. Blazamut is a pure Fire-type, so Water Pals are ideal here.

Upon defeating or killing the Cursed Tyrant Blazamut, you’ll get:

  • Ancient Civilization Parts x 8
  • Coal x 20
  • Flame Organ x 20
  • Precious Claw x 12

How to Find Wild Blazamut in Palworld

As for how to find Blazamut in the wild, you’ll need to head off to Nature Preserve No. 3, at the very top right of the map.

Here, Blazamut can appear along with Astegon, Shadowbeak, Orserk, and Faleris. But there are mercenaries on the island who may attack you for trespassing. If that happens, trying to end your Wanted status is a good idea, as they’ll keep spawning in waves.

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