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Tips For Getting Weapon Parts In Anthem

by Prima Games Staff

Anthem includes a multitude of different crafting materials to assemble weapons, armor, and items. One of these resources is Weapon Parts, which is crucial for keeping up with the latest firepower and taking on ever more challenging battles. Here are the best means of obtaining Weapon Parts in Anthem so that you’ll never be short on this resource.

Finding Anthem Weapon Parts

As their name suggests, Weapon Parts are critical to crafting weapons in Anthem. Stockpiling this resource lets you craft new and better guns as you progress through the game and unlock new recipes.

You have a couple different options for collecting Weapon Parts, but one of the most effective ways is by heading into Freeplay and exploring the world. This unstructured time allows you to discover loot chests and piles of scrap strewn across the land. They will provide items such as Weapon Parts.

Another method, and perhaps the best means of obtaining Weapon Parts, is to disassemble unwanted weapons from your inventory. Why clutter things up with unwanted or obsolete gear when you can get Weapon Parts out of them and craft something better? As you complete missions and contracts, you’ll find yourself loaded up with a lot of junk anyway. Before you know it, you could end up with more Weapon Parts than you’ll know what to do with.

Setting goals for yourself may also help with the process. Head over to Fort Tarsis to see what crafting resources you have available. Then check them against your blueprints and plan your upgrade path.

With all that in mind, you’ll be blasting through Anthem with the best gear available to you. Be sure to check out our tips for picking the best Javelin that suits you, and good luck out there, Freelancer. 

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