Disney Dreamlight Valley Lenses of Shadow

How to Get and Use the Lenses of Shadow in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Not as edgy as the name sounds

There are various fashion items to collect in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and among them, you can find the Lenses of Shadow. Those nice glasses are initially used in order to find some hidden goods but are later kept as both another clothing option and a souvenir from the adventures you’ve had while using them. Keep reading to learn how to find them.

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Where to Get the Lenses of Shadow in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Lenses of Shadow are obtained in Scrooge’s Friendship Quest The Treasure Hunt Part 2, serving as a key item to complete it. Before starting the quest, you must first complete all previous Scrooge’s Friendship Quests, reach Friendship Level 10 with him, and have unlocked access to the Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Frosted Heights, and the Forgotten Lands biomes.

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After finishing The Treasure Hunt and leveling a few more Friendship stages, you can talk to Scrooge to start the quest. He’ll send you to seek Merlin’s aid, who’ll mention the Lenses of Shadow as a way to find the hidden treasures marked on the map. Turns out that Scrooge already has the lenses, so go back to him, and he’ll lend you the glasses so you can uncover this mystery once and for all.

The Lenses of Shadow will then be available in your Wardrobe, and you’ll need to equip them before proceeding in the quest. After digging the treasures from the ground and finishing the requests, you get to keep them forever in your inventory. They won’t have any other treasure-finding perks anymore, but are stylish nonetheless, and you can freely equip them as you like.

And that’s pretty much it about this item! You can enjoy Disney Dreamlight Valley on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC. For more guides and secrets about the valley, keep scrolling at our other guides here on Prima Games. Here’s how you can find Simba.

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