How to Get and Use Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded

A typical witch recipe starts with "boil 6 shroud sacks in the night of the full moon"

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Despite their unappetizing name, Shroud Sacks have many practical uses in Enshrouded that make up for their unsightly appearance. Here’s how you can get and use Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded for your benefit.

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Where to Find Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded

I had the most luck farming Shroud Sacks around Revelwood in the Shroud. They drop as loot from two very specific creatures. One looks like a dark blue flower and the other looks like a black mushroom with some orange details on it. Here’s what these scary creatures look like:

An organic bag containing highly concentrated Shroud spores.

In addition to the combat method of getting Shroud Sacks, you can find them in some of the containers in the open world of Enshrouded. I found them once so far, so I guess it’s not a big chance for a drop. Better prepare your herbicide and fungicide, I guess.

Unfortunately, Shroud Sacks cannot be crafted in Enshrouded, so amassing your collection of sacks will take a little more effort than many other resources.

What Can You Use Shroud Sacks For in Enshrouded

Shroud Sacks are used in several recipes in Enshrouded, however, the Glider is easily one of the most important ones. Check out our complete guide on how to craft the Glider in Enshrouded here.

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Also, you will be able to use the Shroud Sacks to upgrade the Flame Altar.

If you want to try out Shroud Arrows, you can craft them with 1 Goo, 1 Shroud Sack, and 10 Twigs. They disperse a cloud of Shroud after you hit enemies with them. They’ll be of good use to you for a while.

Farming these evil plants for Shroud Sacks might be easier if you have enough Staff Ammo to engage in long-range combat with them.

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