How to Get and Use Infested Catalyst in Warframe

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Warframe Operation Plague Star
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Warframe’s Plague Star event has returned, and with it, some new consumables will need to be collected to progress things much faster. Here’s how to get and use Infested Catalyst in Warframe.

Where to Find Infested Catalyst in Warframe

To get Infested Catalyst in Warframe, you’ll want to head to your Clan Dojo. If you aren’t already in a clan, you’ll need to join one through the Recruitment chat and build a Clan Key, then access that Clan’s dojo. Once there, make your way to the Bio Lab and interact with the central kiosk. Then, you can purchase the reusable Infested Catalyst blueprint.

Once you have the blueprint, make your way back to your Orbiter and to your foundry. Here, you’ll find the Infested Catalyst blueprint. Building it requires the following materials:

  • 500x Plastids
  • 2,300x Ferrite
  • 1800x Nano Spores

After waiting an agonizingly long minute, you can claim the Infested Catalyst for yourself. From there, you can build as many as you’d like. You’ll have to check back once a minute.

How to Use the Infested Catalyst

Once you’ve built at least one Infested Catalyst, you must attach it to your gear wheel. To do so, head over to your Arsenal and select the tab with a circle. If you’re having trouble finding it, I’ve included an image above. Open that wheel up and select an empty slot, then slot in the Infested Catalyst.

Once you’re in the Plague Star bounty, you’ll come across a stage where you’ll be using a Toxin Mixer and defending it. During this stage, walk up to the Toxin Mixer and use the Infested Catalyst from your gear wheel. This will spawn an additional Hemocyte enemy for you to kill during the final stage of the bounty but will increase the standing reward for the mission by 250. Since you can do this four times, that’s an extra 1000 standing per mission without including Eidolon Phylaxis.

If you’re looking for what you can get with that hard work and standing, check out our guide on all Warframe Plague Star rewards.

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