All Warframe Plague Star Rewards

The plague bears great rewards.

Warframe Operation Plague Star
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Every once in a while, Warframe will bring back its ever-beloved Plague Star event, opening up a series of useful rewards. Here are all rewards you can get from the Operation Plague Star event in Warframe.

Every Reward You Can Get During Plague Star in Warframe

The Plague Star event has two types of rewards you can claim, depending on if you’re talking about bounty rewards or standing rewards. Since bounty rewards are much easier to get, we’ll start with those. No matter which level you select, the following rewards can drop from each bounty stage:

  • Lith Relics
  • Meso Relics
  • Neo Relics
  • Axi Relics
  • Augur Message
  • Kuva
  • Naramon Lens
  • Endo
  • Cetus Wisp
  • Vigilante Pursuit
  • Revenant Chassis Blueprint
  • Gladiator Finesse

The chances of each of the above rewards dropping will change depending on which stage of the bounty you’re at. For example, the Revenant Chassis Blueprint won’t drop from the first stage, but can drop from any of the remaining three stages.

Which Rewards Can You Buy With Standing From Plague Star?

As you complete bounties in Plague Star, you’ll receive standing that can be spent with Nakak in Cetus. The following rewards can be claimed depending on your level of standing:

  • Neutral Standing
    • Fosfor Blau x20 Blueprint
    • Fosfor Rahd x20 Blueprint
    • Plague Star Emblem
    • Cetus Wisp
    • Radian Sentirum
    • Heart Nyth
    • Murkray Liver
    • Norg Brain
    • Cuthol Tendrils
    • Fulmination
    • Sacrifice
    • Butcher’s Revelry
    • Forma (built)
  • Collaborator Standing
    • Eidolon Phylaxis x5 Blueprint
    • Snipetron Blueprint
    • Ether Daggers Blueprint
  • Defender Standing
    • Exodia Contagion
    • Exodia Epidemic
  • Champion Standing
    • Ghoulsaw Blueprint
    • Ghoulsaw Blade Blueprint
    • Ghoulsaw Chassis Blueprint
    • Ghoulsaw Engine Blueprint
    • Ghoulsaw Grip Blueprint
    • Plague Akwin Blueprint
    • Plague Keewar Blueprint
    • Plague Bokwin Blueprint
    • Plague Kripath Blueprint

If you want to narrow down what’s worth grabbing, the four Plague weapons should be a major priority. Each weapon can’t be earned elsewhere, so they should be earned before they’re gone. After that, any of the weapons you have yet to build and master should be your next priority. Once all that’s done, grab the three mods and you’re free to buy whatever else afterward. Nothing else is exclusive to the event.

If you’re looking for more information regarding the game, check out our guide on how to get Dagath in Warframe.

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