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How to Get and Use Carrot Seeds in Valheim

Eat your vegetables if you want to be a true Viking!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Get and Use Carrot Seeds in Valheim

In the brutal Viking world of Valheim, you do what it takes to survive – and that sometimes includes growing carrots. This healthy vegetable is a food item that has various uses in the game, especially if you want to tame Boars. So, let’s find out how to get and use carrot seeds in Valheim.

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How to Get and Use Carrot Seeds in Valheim

So, in order to grow carrots in Valheim you need Carrot Seeds – you will find them as a pick-up item in the Black Forest biome. Have you ever seen what a wild carrot flower looks like? It’s light blue. So find some patches of blueish flowers and loot them for Carrot Seeds.

When you return to your base with the carrot seeds and determine the place where you want to plant them, you will need the Cultivator to prepare the soil with it first. If you don’t have a Cultivator, you can craft it in the Forge, you need 5x Core Wood and 5x Bronze. Take the cultivator in your hands and cultivate some ground, then select Carrot Seed from your inventory to plant it.

Image source: Valheim Reddit

Like everything else, it will take some time to grow, so give it three in-game days before you can harvest some carrots by pressing the “E” key. Just remember one seed = one carrot, but if you plant the carrots that you harvest again, you can triple the growth – which is certainly better than looking for seeds again and wasting time in the Black Forest.

What are Carrots Used For in Valheim?

You can eat them raw as a health restorative food item, which gives you 1HP per tick, or you can make them into the Carrot Soup at the Campfire, and maximize their healing effect. Carrots can also be used as food that you give to Wild Boars in order to tame them.

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