How to Get and Catch Lovander in Palworld

It just loves love.

Palword Lovander
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Pocketpair successfully got the public’s attention with Lovander, a promiscuous Pal with an affinity for both Pal and humankind alike. Lovander is easy to like with its pink coloration, and odd humanoid mantis design. Not everything about Lovander is easy though, as it can be quite difficult to find and catch in Palworld.

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How to Get Lovander in Palworld – Exact Location

It’s the age-old question, are you going to get Lovander or is Lovander going to get you? Fortunately for you, both situations are just as likely due to how Lovander spawns in Palworld. Lovander, coincidentally numbered #69 in the Paldex for no discernable reason, can be located at night in warmer areas of the map where you need to wear certain armor to protect yourself from the heat, or a group of Lovander can occasionally raid your Base when you least expect it.

Finding Lovandar During a Base Raid

You might want to keep your wits about you as night envelopes the world around you, and darkness takes over. As this is prime time for a pack of Lovander to come and raid your Base.

“Seeking a night of love, it is always chasing someone around. At first it only showed interest in other Pals, but in recent years even humans have become the target of its debauchery.”

Lovander’s Paldex entry in Palworld

None of that sounds great, and so your choices are to either catch a Lovander or two during the Raid, or defeat all of them, and break their hearts for good.

Catching Lovander in the Wild

  • Lovander Location
  • Lovander Location
  • Palworld Catching Lovander

Lovander is an unlikely spawn that you likely won’t find until you have put some time into the game and ventured to the edge of the map. Specifically, to the desert locations that you can see in the above screenshot. Exploring these areas at nighttime will provide players with an opportunity for Lovander to spawn. It can be quite difficult to catch, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you’ve crafted the best Pal Spheres that you can before you go and attempt to catch it, as it requires them. On top of this, make sure that you’re prepared to weaken and catch it as if you kill it, it may be some time before you find another.

Lovander Stats in Palworld

Lovander is a surprisingly good pal to have on your team with a great set of base stats, including a higher Attack than Defense, so this is going to be a powerful Pal to have on your team if you’re hoping to deliver some pain to the wild creatures of this world.

They also have a few surprises up their sleeve regarding their moves, normally coming with Poison Blast and Power Shot in their base arsenal. Depending on the level that you capture them, you’ll find that they may be one of the most powerful members of your team from the get-go. However, their work speed is a bit slower than most others, so this one may stick in your party rather than on your base.

Lovander Drops in Palworld

Lovander has several great drops and even just a few… questionable items that they bring to the table. If you’ve accidentally knocked out a Lovander, there’s a chance you may be able to acquire the following items:

  • Cake
  • Mushroom
  • Strange Juice
  • Suspicious Juice

Lovander is a worthwhile Pal to keep in your Party, and not just so that you can share mildly inappropriate screenshots on the internet. Lovander has the Heart Drain Partner Skill, and this allows both Lovander and the player the ability to turn a portion of received damage into HP. A very useful skill when exploring areas far from your Base, especially if you are yet to unlock the second one.

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