How to Get All the Dragon Balls in Fortnite

None of this was cool

During the second Dragon Ball Super and Fortnite collaboration, there’s a weekly quest event happening. In order to participate you have to start a game on the Dragon Ball Adventure Island map, or game mode or whatever the heck it is. Fortnite is weird. Once you’re there, you can complete a set of activities to earn a new spray based on the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. Here’s how to get all the Dragon Balls in Fortnite.

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How to Get All the Dragon Balls in Fortnite

Once you’re loaded into the Dragon Ball Adventure Island, assuming your connection stays and you don’t get booted out, you can head over to the quest booth manned by Goku to see your list of tasks. Why does Fortnite look like Second Life now? Anyway, the first task is to simply grab the Dragon Ball right in front of the booth.

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Next, head over to the Dragon Radar on the pedestal, which makes the second Dragon Ball spawn a little further ahead. Bulma is standing next to it, if you need some extra assistance. She tells you to explore, but personally, this content is far too cursed for anything good to come out of that.

This is almost as bad as the Walmart thing

Task number three tells you to go to Goku’s House, but because videogames make less sense than Dragon Ball you have to board a space ship to get there. Head over to the space ship Goku used to get to planet Namek back in the day and a little platform will come down. Ride that up and you’ll see a control panel featuring various locations. We’ll hit each one to gather all the Dragon Balls.

I changed my mind; this is worse than the Walmart thing

At Goku’s house you need to make some… food? Citation needed on that one. Grab the fishing rod by the lake and catch two fish. Then grab a pepper and a mushroom over on the other side of Goku’s house. Use the crafting stations and the next Dragon Ball will spawn.

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The one time this almost looks like a normal videogame

The next two Dragon Balls are a gauntlet of traditional videogame torture exercises, and by that I mean platforming in a shooter and a “flying through rings” challenge. We as a society have not progressed past Superman 64, and that’s troubling to say the least. These two activities are timed, but only for funsies so don’t stress about fumbling with these Great Value Gold Saucer minigames.


For the sixth Dragon Ball you get to fire Kamehameha waves at big rocks. Some of them won’t break for no reason, so don’t be alarmed if it takes a few tries. It seems like the higher platform has a better success rate. That or it was the Fisher Price Internet running the Fortnite servers that got in my way. Who knows?

Piccolo’s Goku impression is disturbingly spot-on

Finally, return to the quest booth in the main resort area and you can just grab the seventh Dragon Ball. You’ll then get to teleport to make a wish with the least impressive rendition of summoning “Shenron” in videogame history. Once you leave the game you’ll get to unlock your Orange Piccolo spray. Congrats.

If it’s the same thing next week I’m drinking heavily

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