How to Get All Solar 3.0 Grenades and Fragments in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted brought the Solar 3.0 rework to every class. This means an entire rework of the subclass that brings it more in line with subclasses like Stasis and the recently revamped void class. Here is how to get all of the solar 3.0 grenades and fragments in Destiny 2.

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How to Get All Solar 3.0 Grenades and Fragments in Destiny 2

First up, after you complete the first story mission that the game throws you into after booting up the new season, head straight to the tower. From there, you’ll want to go to Ikora Rey, who is on the right-hand side, and down the hallway.

You’ll find here standing where she’s always been and you’ll need to talk to her. Afterward, you’ll need to click on the orange rectangle next to the purple one. This will open up the solar 3.0 menu where you will find all of the different aspects of the class. Find the one that has the grenade icon and click on it. You’ll see a list of grenades, only three will have a checkmark in the bottom right-hand corner. Each one that doesn’t, can be purchased for 3,000 glimmer each. Buy them all so you have everything you need.

Now, back out of the grenade menu and click on the last rectangle in the list, this will be the fragments menu. There will only be two there for you to pick up, but they are each 25,000 glimmer. After purchasing the fragments stop talking to Ikora and head to the small globe on the table to the right of her.

This is where you will need to meditate to actually unlock all of the fragments and grenades you just purchased. After meditating you will now have everything you need unlocked for solar 3.0.

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