How to Get All Legendary Pokemon in Cobblemon

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As you’ve traveled the world, you’ve likely encountered all types of Pokemon. From the elusive Eevee to countless Oddish, Pidgey, and Wooper. But are you ready to hunt the rarest Pokemon in Cobblemon? Here’s how to catch all legendary Pokemon in Cobbelmon.

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How to Get All Legendary Pokemon in Cobblemon

There are currently seven Legendary Pokemon in Cobblemon, but let’s be honest. You probably want to know how to get the Mythical and Legendary-inspired Paradox Pokemon too, right? If so, there are actually a grand total of 14 ultra rare Pokemon for you to catch.  

For ease of browsing, these Pokemon will be broken up into Legendary, Mythical, and Paradox Pokemon. Use the Table of Contents below to jump to the section you’re most interested in. 

Table of Contents

How to Capture All Legendary Pokemon in Cobblemon

Currently, there are only seven Legendary Pokemon available. To find them, you’ll need to summon them at an active beacon while holding the coordinating materials. If a biome is associated with the legendary, you must be in the correct biome. 

If you’re not sure what or where a beacon is, just look for a long column of light that stretches up to the sky. Alternatively, you can make an active beacon yourself with nine iron blocks and a beacon taken from another structure. 

You may only summon one of each Legendary Pokemon! And remember, for many of these Legendary Pokemon, you’ll need to have Legendary Encounters installed!

The Three Legendary Birds – Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos

The three legendary birds have a bevy of requirements. You must bring three elemental stones and three feathers to their Shrine, located in their specific biomes. Once you’ve located these Shrines (which tend to have an elemental stone in them), you’ll need to drop the required items in the dropper. 

The Legendary bird will then spawn through the shrine floor, allowing you to fight it. 

ArticunoLevel 503 Ice Stones, 3 Feathers, must have 3 Ice types in your partySnowy Plains
MoltresLevel 503 Sun Stones, 3 Feathers, must have 3 fire types in your partyBasalt Delta 
ZapdosLevel 503 Thunder Stones, 3 Feathers, must have 3 Electric types in your partySavanna


Unlike the Legendary birds, you don’t need to go anywhere in particular to summon Mewtwo. But you need the rare item, Nether Stone, which can be found by defeating Withers. If you haven’t encountered Withers, ensure you have mobs turned on.

Next, use the Nether Stone on an active beacon. Mewtwo will then appear beside it. 

MewtwoLevel 70Nether StoneN/A


Like Mewtwo, you’ll need an active beacon, which you can craft with nine Iron Blocks or find in the wild. However, Xerneas requires a specific biome. Go to the Dark Oak biome, then use the4 Galarica Wreath on the active beacon. Xerneas will then spawn. 

To find the Galarica Wreath, search End City Chests or purchase it for two Diamonds from the Shady Villager in the Dark Forest biome.

XerneasLevel 70Galarica WreathDark Oak


To get this dragon, you’ll need a Dragon Egg. To get this, you’ll need to go to The End and kill the Ender Dragon. The egg will be on a pedestal, and to grab it, you’ll need to punch it off. Then, dig a hole and put a torch beneath where it will fall. Then let the Dragon Egg fall on the torch. This will allow you to pick it up.

Once you have the Dragon Egg, take it to an active beacon. You can find an active beacon in the wild or craft it with nine iron blocks and a beacon. You can even build the beacon where you picked up the Dragon Egg. It’s unconfirmed whether you can summon Rayquaza off The End main island.

When you’ve found or made an active beacon, interact with it with the Dragon Egg in your inventory. Raquaza will appear. 

RayquazaLevel 100Dragon EggThe End mainland 

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How to Capture All Mythical Pokemon in Cobblemon

Unlike the Legendary Pokemon above, you don’t have to jump through any hoops to find these Mythical Pokemon. Instead, you’ll just have to be very, very patient. These Mythical Pokemon have a very low chance of spawning in specific biomes. It all boils down to luck. 

Mew and Jirachi seem to be the rarest and hardest to encounter of the five. 

MewLevel 55-60Forest Biome, Jungle Biome, Dark Forest 
MeloettaLevel 50-55Warped Forest
VictiniLevel 50-55Crimson Forest
JirachiLevel 55-60Overworld, night
MarshadowLevel 50-55Mangrove Swamp

How to Capture All Paradox Pokemon in Cobblemon

Currently, there are only two Legendary-inspired Paradox Pokemon. But they can be pretty tricky to find! To encounter them, you’ll first need to beat or catch Rayquaza. With that done, you must locate the Shady Villager in the Dark Forest biome. 

After beating Rayquaza, you can now learn about Paradox Pokemon. When speaking to him, select the choice ‘Strange rumors.’ Once you’ve completed the conversation with him, a Paradox Pokemon will spawn in the area. You’ll then have to hunt it down!

But note, you can’t have the Shady Villager remove a Mark and trigger the Special Event simultaneously. 

Walking WakeLevel 100Beat Rayquaza, speak to Shady VillagerNear Shady Villager
Iron LeavesLevel 100Beat Rayquaza, speak to Shady VillagerNear Shady Villager

Sure, you might have every legendary Pokemon under the sun after this guide. But have you found the elusive Eevee? Check out how to find it here: How to Get Eevee in Cobblemon.

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