How to Get a Sniper Rifle in Starfield

Standard rifles won't cut it

Sniper Rifle in Starfield
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Sniper Rifles are scarce as a class in Starfield, and on top of the options being incredibly limited, getting one of these high-powered weapons can be difficult. While you may need to wait some time for a true sniper, I’ll go over where you can find them and how long you may need to wait.

Where to Get a Sniper Rifle in Starfield

You can purchase a sniper rifle from Rowland Arms in Akila City after reaching level 30 or higher in Starfield. Nearly any vendor will have a chance to carry weapons like the Hard Target or the Magsniper once you reach level 30, but the weapon vendors are your best bet. However, those aren’t your only options.

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I was able to find my first true Sniper Rifle by clearing an abandoned mine in the Olympus System and taking down the final captain. I found an Epic rarity Magsniper with some fantastic perks, including double damage on enemies with full health. This method is far more random, though, and you could be stuck for days trying to get a single sniper.

The earliest sniper rifle in Starfield is the Old Earth Hunting Rifle, and you can find this at any weapon vendor from level 10 or above. You won’t get the hard-hitting weapon you’re imagining, though. The Old Earth Hunting Rifle barely hits harder than a Beowulf, and the rest of the stats are fairly poor. You want the Hard Target or the Magsniper for a real hit.

As you increase your level in Starfield, the chance for better weapons will also go up. So when you complete bounty missions at level 50, the odds of a high-powered sniper rifle dropping won’t be that low. But that still means you have plenty of XP to grind out in the meantime.

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