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Can You Get a Mount in Diablo 4 Beta? – Answered

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by Patrick Souza
Diablo 4 Mount

Walking through the Sanctuary can be a tough task in Diablo 4 when all you got is your bare feet to do so. With such huge maps and a vast open world with various objectives to conquer, there’s no possible amount of Waypoints that would make up for the lack of a proper mount since you’ll be forced to walk for quite some time anyway. But is there a way to actually find a mount in this Beta period for the game?

Can You Get a Mount in Diablo 4 Beta? – Answered

You cannot get a mount in this trial version of the game. The Stable Master NPC can indeed be found in a few cities, but you cannot get any rideable horse, bird, or any other type of creature to help you in your journey through the Fractured Peaks.

When speaking with said NPC, it informs you that you must first progress through the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest in order to gain the right to hop on a horse’s back, but this quest cannot be found anywhere in the current area. Players cannot access their pre-ordering mounts either, making that there’s no possible way to ride a mount in the Beta or Server Slam. Those currently playing the Server Slam can grab one for themselves at the game’s official launch, but they won’t be able to use it just yet.

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Things will obviously be different when the full game comes out. A bonus mount (or even two, depending on your chosen version) is granted to those who pre-ordered the game, but we don’t know if we’ll be able to ride it as soon as we get to Kyovashad. It might still take some extra progress before actually unlocking it, and for now, we know that the Donan’s Favor ordeal isn’t anywhere in Act I.

There is a total of seven Waypoints to alleviate your walking struggle, but there are still lots of places that you cannot reach without having a good walk, so start moving those ankles right now! 

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