How to Get a Haunted Storybook Home in BitLife

How to Get a Haunted Storybook Home in BitLife

This fairytale isn't very peaceful

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a moment. Long ago, BitLife had spooky challenges like the Ghostbusters challenge that asked up to perform exorcisms in our own haunted houses and the Vampire challenge, requiring us to own a 100-year-old haunted property. Scarytale Romance is another great example, tasking us with buying a haunted Storybook home and marrying a tenant living there! If you’re curious, continue reading to discover how to get a haunted Storybook home in BitLife.

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How to Unlock Haunted Storybook Homes in BitLife

Before we dive right into buying the property, it’s important to note that you’ll have to buy the Landlord Expansion Pack first for $4.99 or its equivalent in your region. This expansion unlocks all kinds of properties, from futuristic to penthouses, and allows you to rent homes to eager tenants. Owning the Landlord pack is not only necessary to buy a Storybook home but also if you plan on renting it to others.

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Finding and Buying a Haunted Storybook Home in BitLife

Once you buy the pack, the process is similar to other properties. You’ll have to head into the activities menu, scroll down to shopping and open the real estate brokers. As you look through the lists, you’ll find a randomized selection of homes of varying prices, quality and types, with a chance to find a haunted Storybook home. You’ll recognize it by its mushroom-shaped structure, dark plants in front, and a spider sitting comfortably on top.

Oh, and a heads-up, if you’re participating in the Scarytale challenge, make sure your character was born in Colorado. If you’re unsure how to live in a specific state, take a quick look at how to be born in Colorado in BitLife.

The picture below shows an example of a situation I had, where I found two different haunted Storybook homes in a real estate shop. One was in poor condition and priced just above $400,000, while the other was of decent quality and cost $700,000. Since my character had over $100,000,000 in the bank, I wasn’t too worried about the price and went for the more expensive option for fun.

BitLife Haunted Storybook Home in Real Estate Menu

In other words, save plenty of money to buy the house, but don’t worry about forking out millions.

From this point onward, it’s as simple as selecting the property and applying for a mortgage or paying in cash. Once you finish this step, congratulations! You now officially own a haunted Storybook home in BitLife!

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. To learn more about the game, check out our complete list of BitLife guides by clicking the tag below!

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