How to Get a Cowplant Berry in Sims 4

How to Get a Cowplant Berry in Sims 4

Let's plant some meat-eating cow-plants!

Plenty of silly things exist in The Sims 4, but few are as wacky as Cowplant. It is as silly as it sounds, it is a creature of seemingly alien origin that looks like a carnivorous plant that has the head of a cow… with sharp teeth! This plant is a sentient creature that, to maintain, you will have to do more than watering because this hybrid creature must be fed daily, or it will become very aggressive and even chew down on your Sims.

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To grow Cowplant, you will need a Cowplant Berry to find out where to get it. Check out the guide below.

How to Get a Cowplant Berry in Sims 4

Cowplant Berry, the seed for Cowplant in The Sims 4, can be obtained in several ways:

  1. Fishing in the Oasis Spring’s Desert Bloom Park small pond (Might take hours)
  2. Explore Space with Rocket Ship to find Cowplant Berries (Get to Work expansion needed)
  3. Get it via Grafting, mix Strawberry Bush with Snapdragon Flower to get Dragonfruit, then graft it with Snapdragon Flower to get Cowplant Berries (Level 5 Gardening skill needed)
  4. Dig for treasure (Very low random chance)
  5. Buy Cowplant Berries through the “Purchase Seeds” option, It is in the Rare Seeds Pack (Seasons Expansion and Level 10 Gardening needed)

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Planting and Growing Cowplants in The Sims 4

Once you have secured the Cowplant Berry, you can plant it in your garden by selecting the “Plant” option. Until the Cowplant is fully grown, you will have to water it like all other plants, but when it is fully matured, you will have to feed it every 12 hours. If you don’t, the plant can eat your Sims if they are foolish enough to go near it. One bite from a Cowplant will not be fatal, but if your Sims find themselves in the clutches of this creature twice – it can even be killed!

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