How to Get 80 Free Rolls in Honkai Star Rail

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Honkai: Star Rail has been advertising a release event in which players can get up to 80 free warps or, in other words, free rolls by simply playing the game naturally. And being the roll-addicted person I am, this has definitely hooked me into the game. And yes, while they’re technically free, you still have to work your ass off for them. Here’s how you can get the 80 free rolls in the game.

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How to Get the 80 Free Rolls in Honkai Star Rail

While you can definitely get those 80 rolls, they’re not simply thrown at you like a piece of meat to a starving dog. They come from various different sources that are listed below:

  • 20 Star Rail Passes from pre-registering
  • 10 Star Rail Special Passes from A World Beyond daily check-in
  • 40 Star Rail Passes + x1600 Stellar Jades from Trailblazing Will

This equals 70 Warps, but 1600 Stellar Jades means exactly 10 more rolls, so it’s technically 80 rolls in total for various different banners. 


HoYoverse set some pre-registering goals a few months before the game’s release. Luckily they were all met, so all players (even those who didn’t even know about it) received extra rewards through the in-game mail. They’re available as soon as you get access to the Mailbox, so don’t forget to claim them.

Honkai Star Rail 80 Rolls Event
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A World Beyond

The Daily Check-in event rewards players with more pulls throughout the course of one week. Log in every day to claim some extra Passes that equal a total of 10 Special Passes when you finally get them all.

Trailblazing Will

This permanent event rewards players with some more rolling fuel as they progress through the game. After reaching Trailblaze Levels 5, 15, 25, and 35, you can claim 10 more Star Rail Passes for every milestone. 25 and 35 also give x800 Stellar Jades each, totalizing 10 more rolls when combined. 

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While the two first methods are easy and reasonable, leveling your Trailblaze Level is quite demanding and will probably take longer than you expect. The main plot is quite extensive and gets you tons of Exp, but it might still not be enough for reaching 35, so be sure to complete your Adventure Quests, Daily Training and spend your Trailblaze Power frequently. As a side note, Trailblaze Level is different from the Trailblazer (the main character) level.

All of them, with the exception of the daily check-in, are permanently available in the game, so it doesn’t matter if you start playing a little bit later. Rewards will still be there. Star Rail is quite generous compared to a certain Hoyoverse exploration gacha game. That’s pretty funny, to say the least.

More free rolls are obtained as you naturally progress through the game through Character Ascension, Trailblaze Level rewards and others. Usually it’s just a regular Pass, but that’s better than nothing. So it’s time to go out there and get that grind going!

Where Should I Use the Free Rolls?

The Passes you get work on different banners. The regular Star Rail Passes should be firstly used on the beginner’s banner Departure Warp until you get your 5-star character from it in 50 warps. Thanks to the discount, this will cost you 40 Passes, but don’t spend any of your Stellar Jades on it. All remaining passes should then be used on the Regular Warp banner.

Special Passes can be used on the Event Warp banners, so feel free to decide whether to use them on the current character/Light Cone or to wait for the next one.

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