How to Get .43 Ultramag Ammo in Starfield

Bullets! Bullets for all!

Starfield 43 Ultramag Ammo
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As you progress through Starfield, you’re bound to use a lot, and I mean a lot of ammo. The galaxy is filled with so many people who want to kill you on sight, and the only answer to that problem is a bullet. Because of this, getting as much ammo as possible is going to let you fire comfortably without needing to worry about individual shots landing. Here’s how you can get .43 Ultramag ammo in Starfield.

Where to Acquire Tons of .43 Ultramag Ammo in Starfield

Starfield Centaurian Arsenal
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Getting a ton of spare .43 Ultramag ammo in Starfield is similar to other types of ammo, in that purchasing it from shops is bound to be the most effective way. The two shops you’ll most conveniently be able to hit up are Centaurian Arsenal and Rowland Arms. Since the majority of you will be able to visit the former easier than the latter, we’ll focus our efforts there.

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Centaurian Arsenal is, ironically, found in the Residential District of New Atlantis on Jemison. As you end up there either by taking the tram or fast-traveling, you should see the building straight ahead of you. It’s known for its bronze walls surrounding it along with the big yellow sign reading the shop’s name.

Head inside and speak to the clerk, then select the dialogue option “Let’s see what you have for sale.” to open her shop menu. Open the Ammo section of the Vendor, and you should see .43 Ultramag almost immediately. If you’ve purchased all the available ammo but want more, sit down at one of the chairs in the store and wait 24 in-game hours. When you speak to her again, she should have more ammo in stock.

Which Weapons Take .43 Ultramag as Ammo?

Starfield 43 Ultramag Regulator
Image via Prima Games.

.43 Ultramag ammo is used exclusively by two pistols; the Regulator and Urban Eagle. The Regulator is like a Wild West revolver mixed with a Desert Eagle in terms of punch, whereas the Urban Eagle feels more like a classic pistol, only with a futuristic look and some solid damage. Both pistols are worth considering if you need one for your arsenal.

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