Pokemon Go 2km Eggs

How to Get 2km Eggs in Pokemon GO

No need to steal them from the nest

One of the various ways you can get new creatures to your collection in Pokemon Go is by hatching the various Eggs you can get in the game. Just like in the main titles, eggs require walking a certain amount of steps before the baby can break out of its shell. But since Go has a thinner line with reality, the distance is measured directly with real-life parameters instead of an arbitrary number of steps.

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The easiest egg to hatch is definitely the 2km Egg, and all Pokemon obtained from it have their regular chances at being shiny (if it can be found as Shiny in the game, of course). Here’s what you’ll need to do to find one of these in the game.

Where to Get the 2km Eggs in Pokemon Go

2km eggs can be obtained by spinning the PhotoDiscs at PokeStops in your nearby area. Those eggs are easily identified by their traditional green spots around them and will hatch after you walked the necessary distance. The perfect incentive to touch grass!

So by simply doing your usual Pokemon Go route around your neighborhood, you should get a few eggs by just interacting with your nearby PokeStops. You may also be lucky enough to get the bigger eggs, such as the 5km or the 10km ones, but those are obviously harder to come by. In contrast, they’ll give rarer Pokemon when compared to the 2km ones.

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The Pokemon that can be obtained from the eggs change with the arrival of each new season, but events can also modify the list slightly during a certain period of time.

A good example is the Spring into Spring 2023 event, where Cutiefly was added as a new Pokemon to the game. As a result, all 2km eggs found during the event have a different list of hatchable creatures, including Cutiefly itself as well as special Cherry Blossom versions of Pichu, Eevee, Togepi and Happiny, with Azurill, Munchlax and Riolu being the final additions to the special commemorative list.

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