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How to Free the Water Source in The Lion King Realm: Disney Dreamlight Valley

Restore the Lion King Realm!

by Madison Benson

As you explore Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Lion King realm, you’ll complete various quests for Nala and Simba before inviting them to the village. By this point, Nala has already entered the village and begun greeting your other characters, but Simba still has some matters to handle in the realm.

Shortly after speaking to him and gathering some plant seeds, you’ll have to restore the Dried-Out Oasis by breaking rocks and letting water flow through the area! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to free the water source during Simba’s Stars to Guide Us quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Free the Water Source in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you initially speak to Simba about this, you’ll be in an area with a waterfall and river, awaiting further instructions. Since you have to free the water source, you may first suspect that this water-filled region is your destination. However, this isn’t the case. Instead, backtrack to the Dried-Out Oasis and search around for some rocks.

In the Oasis area, you’ll find stumps, plants and thorns all around, but it isn’t immediately obvious where these rocks are. If you’re coming out of the mushroom cave into this area, turn right and, before reaching the realm’s entrance portal, turn again toward the cliff. You’ll see massive animal bones with the rocks underneath! Break these to release the water, revitalizing the Oasis.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Water Source Rocks

Once you do this, speak to Simba back in the river area. He’ll express his gratitude, and you’ll progress further into his quest line.

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