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How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x800488fc – Answered

Curse these error codes...

by Nikola L

Error Codes are both annoying and helpful. Nobody wants to see them, they just want to use their product without any sort of obstruction. At the same time, error codes are great, because they can help you pinpoint the issue you are having, which makes you find articles like this more easily without wandering around the internet for hours googling your device’s symptoms. Imagine searching for symptoms and trying to think of the lingo and terminology someone would use on a tech forum in order to explain the issue… Sheesh. Prima Games will help you with the Xbox Error Code 0x800488fc.

How to Solve Xbox Error Code 0x800488fc

Before we do some actual troubleshooting, you can check the Xbox Live Service Status here. If the service is down, this may be the cause of the error you are getting.

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If services are up and running, you can try turning off your Xbox Console completely, and then unplugging it from the power source for about 20-30 seconds. You may do the same with your internet router as well.
Once this time passes, you should plug the Xbox Console in, and try to see if the error will still be there.
If the error is still there, try to log out of your account, and then log back in.

These are the fixes we have found for this Xbox Error Code 0x800488fc. If the error still persists after doing these steps, we suggest you contact Xbox Support through the official channels for further troubleshooting.
In case you do this, make sure to describe what you did prior to contacting them so that the tech support person has an easier approach to your ticket.

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