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How to Fix Wuthering Waves Controller Issues on PC

Control the fight!

Wuthering Waves is available now on PC and mobile, and the launch has been a bit messy on the technical side. Thankfully, when it comes to the PC version, Wuthering Waves has support for multiple controller types, and full keyboard and mouse support. However, multiple users can’t get their controller to work properly with the Wuthering Waves, are here are a few tips to address these issues.

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Fixing Wuthering Waves Controller Support

To fix the Wuthering Waves controller issues, make sure you’re using one controller at a time, and use a wired connection when using a PlayStation controller.

We have personally tested the Series X|S controller, and the Dual Shock 4, and both work as expected with appropriate button prompts for both controller types. However, we were able to reproduce instances where the controller wouldn’t behave as intended.

Connect a Single Controller at a Time

Even though you can switch between controllers while both are plugged in, the button prompts don’t properly change. It’s why you should only have one controller in use while playing Wuthering Waves.

Additionally, if you have any other inputs apart from your keyboard and mouse connected, we recommend removing those while you’re playing Wuthering Waves. These include fight sticks, pedals, steering wheels, etc.

Use a Wired Connection for PlayStation Controllers

Since Windows doesn’t natively support PlayStation controllers, it’s up to developers to set up controller profiles for the Dual Shock 4 and Dualsense. However, since we’re not making use of something like Steam Input as a middle ground, you’ll need to use a wired connection with PlayStation controllers.

Avoid Multiple Connection Types

If you’re using a wired connection, then ensure that the controller isn’t also paired with Bluetooth. Similarly, if you’re playing with an Xbox controller on a Bluetooth connection, make sure the controller isn’t wired into your PC.

If you’re just starting, I recommend checking out our dedicated section for Wuthering Waves for tips, and fixes. Despite the massive number of players in-game, the technical issues have made it a bit difficult for fans to enjoy the release. We hope these are ironed out in upcoming patches.

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