How To Fix Victim XP Glitch In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Answered

Can't level up? Check out these workarounds and fixes.

Nothing can take the wind quite out of your sails faster than nailing the perfect exit in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, just to watch your XP go nowhere. Unfortunately, there is a nasty glitch that is hurting Victims more than the Family could ever hope to do, and it’s causing some issues with leveling up and progressing these characters. While the Family was lucky enough to escape this curse, it seems the Victims may have a little more work to do. Let’s find out if there is a way to fix this, or if we’ll need to keep using workarounds to get our XP adding back up again.

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XP Glitch Fix And Workaround In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

While the development team at Gun Interactive is aware of this glitch, there is no surefire way to fix it until the next patch comes out. While this may be disappointing to some, the team is hard at work trying to alleviate some of the pain that Victims are experiencing. However, there is a workaround that players can take advantage of, even if it is going to take some extra time out of their play sessions.

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As the official Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game account has mentioned on Twitter, gamers on PC could always try uninstalling and reinstalling the game to get back into the action and start leveling up their Victims once again. While this may be a drastic measure, it could at least lessen the headache of losing Character levels, as well as Account levels. There are a few other options you could try if you’re not looking to completely remove the game from your PC.

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Make sure that even if you’re playing a solo game, you’re staying until the last Victim has either escaped or been slaughtered. There have been multiple times that I’ve quit spectating, only to watch my XP go up and my level stays the exact same. However, if I stay and watch the remainder of the match, I’ve gotten lucky enough to get my character to level up. It seems to be random, but I’ve had more success than failure when trying this method.

Until the proper fix has been deployed, we can only try a variety of different tricks to hopefully get our characters to evolve and continue growing. It’s a shame that an otherwise excellent game is being hampered a bit during the launch period, but Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital have been hard at work to get things fixed, all while being extremely transparent with their fanbase. Good on them.

No matter if you’re already a Leatherface master or just want to learn about the Family, be sure to check out our Texas Chainsaw Massacre section below to get plenty of tips and tricks that could save your life in the long run. Get ready for the ultimate horror show in this asymmetrical multiplayer experience.

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