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How to Fix Unable to Connect to World Error in Minecraft

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by Nikola L
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Getting the “Unable to Connect to World” error in Minecraft can really start some headaches for any gamer that’s encountering it. Prima Games wants to help you fix this pesky little error in Minecraft, and below you will see how to resolve the “Unable to Connect to World” error on all available platforms.

How to Fix the “Unable to Connect to World” Error in Minecraft on PC

For PC, you need to check a variety of things. We’ll go from the basic and advance towards the more difficult troubleshooting procedures:

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  1. Check if your game is properly updated and that you are running the same version as the server or friend you are playing on or with.
  2. Restart your game (this sounds like a customer support trope but in reality, it can fix stuff).
  3. Delete and then add your friend again (/f remove FRIEND_NAME).
  4. Check Multiplayer Games Settings (something might be blocking you from being able to play). This is done on the Xbox Official website, under Xbox/Windows Online Privacy.
  5. Check if your Network Drivers are updated. For this, hit Start and then type in “Device manager”. Then, find the Network Adapter, open its Properties, and find the Update Driver option.
  6. Disable firewall and antivirus software, whether it’s stock Microsoft or Third-Party. For Windows, press Start and type in “Firewall” and you will find the stock firewall. For third-party, consult your product manual or product support.
  7. Check if your Windows is up-to-date. Press Start and then type “update” and you’ll get the option to check for updates.
  8. Get a VPN and see if the situation persists. Try a free one first or take a trial from a renowned manufacturer (do not forget to unsubscribe from the trial to prevent unwanted charges!)

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How to Fix the “Unable to Connect to World” Error in Minecraft on PS4

Within the PS4 settings, find Parental Controls > Family Management. In this menu, you will need to do away with any restrictions that might impact the multiplayer/online connectivity.

Also, your PS4’s NAT settings should be checked as well, and make sure that they are set to open. In case you are having trouble with NAT, consult your ISP since due to the limitations of available IP addresses you might be placed behind with NAT/CGNAT.

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How to Fix the “Unable to Connect to World” Error in Minecraft on Xbox

Under Settings > General > Network Settings, find the “Network Status” option, and under it, the NAT option. If it’s not Open, set it to Open. Also, double-check if you have errors such as UPnP not successful / Double NAT detected. As always, contact your ISP for the resolution of a NAT/CGNAT issue.

Additionally, double-check your Xbox account settings. Within Privacy / Xbox and Windows Online Safety, you need to “allow” yourself to play with players that are outside of Xbox Live, as well as any other setting that places any type of restrictions.

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How to Fix the “Unable to Connect to World” Error in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

Look through your Nintendo Switch System settings and find Internet > Test Connection. This internal test will figure out if your NAT is A, B, C, D, or F. Getting an A would, of course, be the preferred outcome. The lower you go, the lesser chances are that you are able to connect because the internet connection you are on is more restrictive. In order to upgrade your NAT to type A, you will need to port forward. This is a somewhat complicated procedure and you might need to dig up your router’s manual, find it online, or contact your ISP support for help.

On Windows 10, go to Start, type in CMD, and Command Prompt will appear. In it, type “ipconfig /all” and get the following info:

  • IPv4 / IP address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway

Then, on your Nintendo Switch, go to Home screen > System Settings > Internet Settings > Advanced Settings. Select your WiFi network > Change Settings > IP Address Settings > Manual > Choose the IP address then hold the B button so that you can remove the current IP address. Now, enter the IP address that shows in the Windows Command Prompt but the last pack of digits should be changed (just increase the number by one or 10) because it must differ from your computer.

Do the same for the subnet mask, taking the subnet mask from your Command Prompt. Finally, do the same for the gateway, taking the gateway number from your Command Prompt.

Now, the router part. You will need to log in to your router from your PC (there are a couple of different methods different manufacturers use, this is why we have mentioned the manual) and you need to set a “rule” for the IP address you’ve selected for your Switch. UDP protocol port range needs to be set. We have found various information online, and the range should be between 40000 and 65535. If you are failing to establish a connection, try any values from 1 and 65535. Save changes and try to test the internet connection on your Switch.

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How to Fix the “Unable to Connect to World” Error in Minecraft on iOS

On iPhone and iPad, check if your game and iOs are updated. Then check if your game’s options have been set to allow multiplayer, and turn off VPN if you are using it.

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Hopefully, this helps! Make sure to check our game tag for more cool Minecraft stuff.

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