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How to Fix the WOW51900319 Error in World of Warcraft

Lots of people waiting for the dragons to fly

by Patrick Souza
WOW51900319 Error World of Warcraft

After a somewhat controversial expansion with Shadowlands, Dragonflight has finally arrived in World of Warcraft featuring the new Dragon Isles area alongside its new quests, dungeons, and updates to the game’s basic systems. There’s also the new Evoker class and the playable Dracthyr race, but all of that ends up being worthless if you can’t even log into the game.

A common error named WOW51900319 has surged alongside the expansion’s release and it’s a real annoyance for all adventures looking forward to visiting the islands. It can appear while trying to log in, but it randomly happens when you’re already playing too. Here’s how you can go around this painful error.

How to Fix the WOW51900319 Error in World of Warcraft

According to Blizzard’s official support page, this error appears whenever your connection to the servers is lost. This can happen either due to the game’s servers being overloaded or due to your own connection experiencing some issues. 

First of all, check the current Realm Status on the official site. Select your region and make sure there’s not a red X beside your realm’s name. If nothing strange comes up, try one of the following methods:

  • 1- Reopen your Since this is a connection-based error, your best bet is to reconnect to Blizzard servers altogether.
  • 2 – Check if there’s anything odd with your internet connection. Restart your modem just to be sure, and try to connect to the servers again.
  • 3 – Scan your WoW client through the options button next to “Play”. Missing or corrupted files could also be causing the issue, so this might help with this error.

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If you’re still getting the WOW51900319 messages, chances are that the problem lies with overpopulation. New games and updates tend to have connection issues due to unexpected stress on the servers, resulting in random disconnections and other errors when trying to play the game. 

Dragonflight’s official release brought many players back to the game, so that’s something to be expected to be happening especially if playing during peak hours. The solution in this case would be to simply wait a few minutes before trying again. The situation is probably getting better as the release hype dies down throughout the next few days, so this error won’t be around for that long.

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