WoW SoD: Can You Get a Mount in Season of Discovery? – Answered

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The World of Warcraft Season of Discovery servers have a great concept of bringing the bronze age back into existence by re-releasing the older version of the game. But are you able to get some other important additions that make your life easier, such as mounts?

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Are Mounts Available in Season of Discovery?

There are two WoW SoD mounts available at the moment, but they have some strict limitations and probably aren’t quite the mount you’re hoping for. These are the Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber and Trainee’s Outrider Wolf mounts, and they’re designed for PvP and exclusive to Ashenvale, meaning you’ll only be able to ride them in Ashenvale.

How to Get the Ashenvale Mounts in WoW SoD

To get the WoW SoD mounts, you need to increase your reputation to Friendly with your Warsong Gulch faction. Your reputation will increase as you play through the Battle for Ashenvale World PvP event and by battling in the Warsong Gulch battleground.

If you’re with the Horde’s Warsong Outriders faction, you’ll unlock the Outrider Wolf mount in WoW SoD, and once your reputation is high enough, you can talk to Kelm Hargunth to puchase your Ashenvale mount for 10 gold.

If you’re with the Alliance’s Silverwing Sentinels faction, you’ll unlock the Sentinel Nightsaber mount in WoW SoD, and once your reputation is high enough, you can talk to Illiyana Moonblaze to puchase your Ashenvale mount for 10 gold.

Will More Mounts be Added to Season of Discovery?

More mounts will indeed be available to players in the SoD servers, but not until we reach Phase 2 and the level cap is increased to 40. Just like in Vanilla WoW, where players could get their first mount at said level, the same restriction is being carried over to these new (old) servers, so you have no choice but to walk your way through the whole lands, with the exception of Ashenvale.

The lack of mounts in WoW’s SoD is quite a bummer for veteran players from retail WoW or any other modern MMO where mounts are usually given out quite early, especially where there are many fetch quests you need to complete to get your way around the game. But that’s the actual early game experience people had a few years ago, and they’re trying to be as faithful as possible to that, so don’t expect this to change so soon.

You can mitigate your suffering a bit by using Zeppelins found in main cities, but there are only so many stations around the world of WoW SoD, and there’s no access to certain areas (especially early leveling zones) with them, forcing you to waste a few minutes just walking from point to point.

This doesn’t mean that there’s no hope yet. These special servers are named the Season of Discovery for a reason. Many new features and secrets that weren’t present in the initial releases are now making their debut in the game, so it wouldn’t be strange if an earlier mount could be found hidden somewhere.

No one has found it yet, though, if it does exist. If that’s the case, it’s just a matter of time until someone discovers it just like they discovered the Secret Rune vendor. Otherwise, your only choice will be to wait until the next level cap to make your life a bit less miserable.

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