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How to Fix BLZ51903006 Error in World of Warcraft? – Explained

We can solve this together, fairly easily!

by Nikola L

The BLZ51903006 error seems like a blast from the past for many World of Warcraft players, but it sadly seems that it has made a resurgence recently. This is a somewhat common connection problem that some may experience when trying to play WoW, whether it is the Retail version or (Wrath of the Lich King) Classic.

The Prima Games team has researched the peculiarly named error (luckily, Google will autocorrect you if you miss a digit or two while typing the long string of numbers) and we’re here to tell you how to fix the BLZ51903006 error in World of Warcraft.

How to Fix BLZ51903006 Error in World of Warcraft

There are a few things that you can try to resolve the Error BLZ51903006 on your end. We’ll start with the simplest method:

  1. Try to run the World of Warcraft (Classic) executable (.exe) file from your installation folder directly. From the Launcher, you can easily reach the folder of your WoW installation by clicking on the cog icon next to the Play button and then on the “Show in Explorer” option from the drop menu.
  2. If this doesn’t suffice, try deleting the Blizzard Cache folder. You can locate it by opening the “Run” function (Win + R) and then typing out %ProgramData%. After hitting Enter, you need to find the Blizzard Entertainment folder and within it, the Cache folder which you should just simply delete.
  3. If this doesn’t suffice either, go back to the ProgramData folder and delete the folder (usually right above the Blizzard Entertainment folder).

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If neither of these works, you should perform detailed troubleshooting of your connection, which includes resetting your router, flushing your DNS, updating your drivers, and/or updating your Windows. The official Blizzard troubleshooting article can be found here for both PC and Mac users. Some of these advanced steps are in the “use at your own responsibility” category so it’s advised to follow the instructions carefully.