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How to Fix Stuck on Loading Screen in Honkai Star Rail

Patience is a virtue, unless you're stuck waiting for a new game

It seems the hype train has fully taken off for Honkai Star Rail, and with countless players looking forward to taking their first trip into this new HoYoverse title, some are getting stuck on the tracks. Is there a way to avoid the dreaded loading screen of doom when you’re getting ready to embark on this new adventure, or must it be taken care of before you can finally embark? Let’s jump on and find out what may be causing this and if there is a solution to get into Honkai Star Rail.

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How To Get Past The Loading Screen in Honkai Star Rail

With any HoYoVerse game, you can expect there to be a little bit of hype around it. Genshin Impact is still one of the most played games around the world, even years after its release, and the immediate buzz for Honkai Star Rail seems to be even larger. With over 10 million registrations, there are bound to be plenty of players looking to log on at the same time, causing just a few little issues.

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There are a few tips you can try, but this may just be due to a tremendous load on the servers. The first thing that you’ll want to do is completely close out of Honkai on the platform that you’re trying to play on. It doesn’t matter if you’re on PlayStation or PC, just give it a complete shutdown. After that, open the game once again and see if you can progress past the loading screen.

If that doesn’t work, try it again. Seriously, it may work. With so many players trying to get into the game, you’ll likely sneak a spot if you try closing it again. If that still isn’t working, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if something may have gotten corrupted during the installation. This will clear all of the files out of your system of choice and let you try to get into the game once again.

While this isn’t what most players would like to hear, if these options don’t work, you may just need to wait for a while before trying to get back on once again. Patience is a virtue, but it’s understandable why you may be eager to jump into this new world before you. Wait for half an hour, and see if you can finally get into the game and start seeing what all of the fuss is about.

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If you’re eager to see what awaits you in Honkai Star Rail, make sure to check out our section below to get plenty of information about the game, and see what awaits you on the other side of the loading screen.

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