How to Fix ‘Login Error Please Try Again’ in Honkai Star Rail

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If you’re one of the millions excited to get into the new world of Honkai Star Rail, you may find that the initial sign-in process is turning out to be more challenging than any early-game battle could ever be. You are not alone if you’re experiencing the ‘Login Error Please Try Again’ screen on a constant loop. Let’s try to find out what could be causing this and see if there is any sort of a solution that can get you into the game faster than the speed of light.

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Can You Fix The ‘Login Error Please Try Again’ Issue In Honkai Star Rail?

For the time being, there are bound to be a few issues with trying to log in to this particular title. That’s because, with over 10 million pre-registrations, it can only be expected that there is a bit of an issue with the servers at Hoyoverse. Not only do they have one of the most popular F2P titles with Genshin Impact, but another massive hit on their hands may put a massive hit on their servers that they couldn’t have seen coming.

Closing completely out of the application and trying to sign back in would be the first step you would need to take if you’re hoping to progress in this situation. If that doesn’t work, try it a few more times. It sounds counterproductive, but there is a chance that you may finally get lucky after giving it a few tries.

Some players report that having DNS enabled could give you this “1001_2 Error”. You may be able to fix this issue by disabling your DNS.

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If that doesn’t work, it may be time to uninstall and reinstall this particular adventure. You may not want to do this, but there is a fair chance that it could work. Otherwise, you may need to wait patiently until the queue times and server load slow down. Countless players are looking forward to jumping into this adventure, so there are bound to be a few issues. Has there been a smooth launch for any online game in recent memory?

Sadly, there isn’t a Down Detector page for this particular game just yet, but you could follow the Honkai Star Rail Twitter Page to see if they have any updates coming along shortly. With it being the launch of a new product, they are very heavily promoting some of the launch events that are happening, but are likely to make mention of these issues and when they may be resolved.

Unfortunately, this may not be the news that you wanted to hear, and we feel you. We’re currently struggling to get in ourselves, but we can only hope that this train departs the station soon, so we can see what makes Honkai Star Rail the next grand adventure through the HoYoVerse.

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