How to Fix PSN Error Code NP-104602-3

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PSN Error Code NP-104602-3

Getting certain errors is quite a common occurrence while trying to connect your Playstation to the internet, unfortunately. But with so many errors popping up occasionally, it gets easier to know how to fix most of them or at least know why they’re happening in the first place. Here’s how to solve the PSN Error Code NP-104602-3.

How to Solve PSN Error NP-104602-3

Error NP-104602-3 “Something Went Wrong” is a regular connection error given out by the PSN servers whenever they detect anything unusual going on with your connection. The issue might also come from their own side sometimes, but doing a few tests will usually do the trick if you’re having trouble with playing online. Here are some possible fixes to this error.

1 – Check Your PSN Connection

First of all, head to Settings on your device and select Network. Go over to Settings and select “Set Up Internet Connection.” You should see an “X” sign if there’s something wrong with your WiFi. If nothing appears out of the ordinary, hover it and select Options, then select WiFi Frequency Band. It should be set to Automatic, so change it to either 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. Try both of them until the error is gone.

2 – Change Your DNS

If the previous solution fails, head back to the WiFi Options and select Advanced Settings. Scroll all the way down to DNS Settings. Set it to Manual, then change your Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to Attempt to reconnect to the internet to see if problems persisted. If those numbers don’t work, try as Primary and as Secondary.

3 – Restarting Your Router

The most obvious and boring solution might be the one you were looking for. Check your router and see if anything is going wrong with it. Unplug it for a few minutes and plug it back in later to restart your internet connection, then go back to your Playstation to see if anything changed.

If none of these methods could solve your issues, the problems might be centered at Playstation servers after all, so there’s nothing you can do but wait until they fix it. PSN might be down entirely, so don’t bother trying to fix what you can’t in that case.

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