Overwatch 2: Time Out Communicating with Battle.net Services Error Explained

Another day, another error to fix.

Overwatch 2 is not without its problems. As with most online titles, Overwatch 2 falls victim to random error codes, online disconnects, and the dreaded server trouble. A handful of errors can happen in Overwatch 2, so we are here to explain the “Time Out Communicating with Battle.net Services” error right now.

Overwatch 2: Time Out Communicating with Battle.net Services Error Explained

If you’ve experienced this error in Overwatch 2, it is because somewhere along the line, while waiting in the queue, there was a disconnect from the server, forcing you to the back of the line.

Now, this isn’t always your fault, especially if their servers are slammed, as these disconnects can happen for any number of reasons. Most likely, the cause is, in fact, on Blizzard’s end. If they are having server trouble, communicating with the server can be finicky at best, causing a lot of disconnections from the game.

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Now, this is frustrating when you’re waiting in queue for an hour, and suddenly you’re thrown to the back of the line with the error message.

Can You Fix This Error?

The best advice we can give at this time is to make sure you’re hardwired into your internet; you’ve done a router reset and don’t have anything using a large amount of internet turned on right now. The more bandwidth you can give to the game, the better your chances of not disconnecting.

Hopefully, this problem will sort itself out soon, and you can always check the official Blizzard customer support Twitter account for more information.

That’s everything we know about the “Time Out Communicating with Battle.net Services” error. While you’re here, be sure to check out the problems players are having with the SMS protection features introduced in Overwatch 2.

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