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How to Fix Negative Credits/Coins in Overwatch 2

You might be broke, but you probably aren't that broke.

Having a lot of money in Overwatch 2 is a nice feeling for generally obvious reasons. Having no money isn’t quite as nice, seeing as you can’t buy any cool skins you see come out, let alone the battle pass. A lot of the time that’s due to your own choices, though in some cases, you might log on after a recent patch and find your coins deep in the negatives. That’s not only not fun, but isn’t intentional. Here’s how to fix negative credits and coins in Overwatch 2.

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How to Fix Negative Currency in Overwatch 2

Now before you start fretting and trying every fix you know under the sun, don’t bother. The issue has nothing to do with you at all and is instead something that happened on Blizzard’s end when calculating your currency. If an update just happened, you might have them fixed in a few minutes. If it didn’t though, then you’re going to need to get in contact with support.

This might not sound like a semi-complicated process, but who you need to get in contact with will vary. If you’re on PC, it’s as simple as contacting Blizzard Customer Support. If you’re on console, then you’ll need to contact your console’s support time. This will be Microsoft Xbox Live Support for Xbox, Sony PlayStation Network Support for PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch Support for, well, Nintendo Switch. Whoever you get into contact with should be able to fix your balance, since it’s clear something payment-related may have happened.

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While issues like this are frustrating, it’s nice to see there are at least clear lines to fix whatever problems arise. It’s annoying having to get in contact with support teams, sure, but it’s better than being left in the dark. For your sake, we hope it’s a quick process.

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