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How to Fix MW2 Dev Error 11642

Where do they even come up with these error code numbers?

by Shawn Robinson
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 may be a fun game, but that isn’t to say it’s without its issues. Sure, there are plenty of problems with the game itself that we could debate about for hours, but we can all agree that an endless stream of bugs is far from fun. With new seasons, they tend to crop up more and more. One such error crops up during slightly rarer times but causes just as many problems. Here’s how to fix Dev Error 11642 in MW2.

How to Fix the 11642 Dev Error in MW2

This error has an odd place of occurrence, more often than not showing when players try to launch a private lobby with either their friends or bots. Perhaps you wanted to duel with your friends exclusively, or want to test out a loadout against bots to get basic things like time-to-kill. Either way, being unable to launch a private lobby is an annoying bug, but thankfully has some easier fixes.

One fix that’s worked wonders for many is to queue up for an online match, stop the queue a second or two after it starts, then try to launch the private lobby again. This tends to refresh the state the game thinks you’re in, allowing the private match to start. Another fix for some appears to be changing your display (if on PC) from your current to any of the three available options, then back. Screwing with some of the other graphics settings could also yield results, albeit with it making next to no sense.

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Either way, doing one of these things should fix the problem for you. It may have some rather odd fixes, but as long as you can get Dev Error 11642 to go away for a little while, that’s what matters. Let’s just hope that’s the latest error code you see for a while.

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