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How to Fix MW2 Dev Error 11152

Depending on your platform, this might be a messy fix.

by Shawn Robinson
MW2 Patch Notes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 might be a fun game, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its flaws. There’s the whole idea of fundamental issues with the game that we could debate about for hours, but the main problem that everyone can agree is a bad thing is bugs. Trust us, since launch there’s been plenty of those. One error many have run into, with one fix being simple and the other being painful. Here’s how to fix the Dev Error 11152 in MW2.

How to Fix the 11152 Dev Error in MW2

This error tends to show up whenever playing and has one root cause. Dev Error 11152 will tend to only show up due to missing or corrupted files, which could’ve occurred during either the game install or the install of a major update, such as Season 2 which as of writing has just been released. For most of you, the latter will be what’s caused the error to start popping up.

There are two solutions you can try here. The first is the easier of the two, which asks that you repair the game. On Steam this can be done by right-clicking MW2 in your Steam library, clicking Properties, selecting Local Files, and clicking Verify integrity of game files. On Xbox and PlayStation, this is unfortunately not possible. The other option is unfortunately to delete MW2 off your system and reinstall it. Given how large the game is, we know that’s painful, but there’s no other way to fix the game fixes of MW2 or any game on consoles, for that matter.

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While these aren’t the greatest fixes you could hope for, we hope having the direct path to success is helpful. Sometimes, the best way to fix something is to turn it off and back on again, though in this case turning it back on requires hours of downloading.

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