How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Mods Not Working

No need to cast a spell to fix your mods!

Hogwarts Legacy Mods
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Hogwarts Legacy is a behemoth of an action role-playing game, with most players spending anywhere from 26 to 70 hours to complete the main story and side quests. If you fully immerse yourself in the world, spending even longer exploring every nook and cranny is possible. But for those who want more from their wizarding world, game mods prove most accessible and enticing. But what happens if those Hogwarts Legacy mods aren’t working? Here are a few fixes to try!

Hogwarts Legacy Mods Not Working? Possible Causes

The art of modding a video game can occasionally feel burdensome. You must contend with load orders, compatibility issues, antivirus software, and so many other worries that may prevent the game from launching altogether. If your Hogwarts Legacy mods aren’t working as intended, here are a few possible causes to consider:

  • Compatibility issues: Not every mod made for Hogwarts Legacy is compatible with each other, so check before downloading to ensure your mod list functions cohesively.
  • Missing files: A mod can include corrupted or missing files, leading to conflicts and errors, like crashes.
  • Antivirus software: Your computer’s antivirus may flag mod files as a security threat, interfering with your ability to enjoy the game to its fullest.
  • Game updates: When a developer updates their game with numerous bug fixes and new content, it can break old mods until the mod developer updates on their end.

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Here’s How to Fix Your Hogwarts Legacy Mods Not Working

Should you find that your Hogwarts Legacy mods aren’t working correctly, here are a few fixes:

Remove and Reinstall the Mod

Regarding modding games, it’s highly recommended to use a mod manager like Vortex to handle downloading and installing new files. Then, in the launcher itself, you can uninstall and delete an unwanted mod, reinstall it, or verify the files.

If you’re installing Hogwarts Legacy mods manually, then head to the appropriate file location where you installed the mod to delete the files altogether.

Verify Game Files

If you believe the game itself is the problem, such as corrupted game files, then verification can help resolve any mod compatibility issues.

  1. Right-click on Hogwarts Legacy and select Properties.
  2. Enter the Local Files tab.
  3. Select Verify integrity of local files, then wait.

Steam will take some time to complete its check, and if they find any missing files, a download will begin immediately.

Disable Antivirus Software

Lastly, if you believe your computer’s antivirus software is blocking the mod, try deactivating it for the time being. Most antivirus programs have the option to pause protection temporarily or turn on a game mode setting. Use one of these functions, then try launching the game once more.

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