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Escape From Tarkov Bad Gateway Error Explained

A bad Gateway a day keeps the Tarkov away.

by Jesse Vitelli

Escape From Tarkov, the challenging extraction shooter, is a constantly online, high-stakes multiplayer experience. Of course, with a consistent online connection comes a load of server issues, bugs, and other problems that have always plagued online games since the dawn of time. If you’re running into the “Bad Gateway” error in Escape From Tarkov, we have an explanation for you below.

Escape From Tarkov Bad Gateway Error Explained

If you are receiving the “Bad Gateway” error in Escape From Tarkov, the servers are overloaded right now. This usually happens on a major patch cycle, or what the community calls “Wipe Day,” where all of your stuff is wiped, and every player must start fresh.

If you’re looking for updates on if the servers are back up, or if a technical problem has been resolved, check out the BattleState Games Twitter account. It constantly tweets out updates as well as when a problem arises.

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Be sure to constantly check in on the Twitter account, where the news will hit first.

Can You Fix The “Bad Gateway” Error

There is no fix for the “Bad Gateway” error. You can try a fresh install or ensure you have the latest patch installed. However, there is no guaranteed fix. While these might help you, it’s ultimately a server issue, and we can’t guarantee a constant fix for the “Bad Gateway” error. Your best bet is to wait out whatever issues the team is working on. Especially if it’s on a major patch day where plenty of players are all logging on.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the “Bad Gateway” error in Escape From Tarkov. We have a myriad of different Escape From Tarkov guides for you to check out. Here are all of the woods map extraction points in Escape From Tarkov.

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