How to Fix Error Code 267 in Roblox

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How to Resolve Solve Fix Error Code 267 Roblox
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Error Codes are a plague of modern gaming, but let’s be real, it might be better that we at least get an exact error code instead of a vague explanation of what’s wrong which may lead you on a whole adventure to fix your Roblox error. When you get the Error Code 267 that reads “You were kicked from this game: Unspecified Reason”, the issue is automatically narrowed down, and luckily enough, you’ve come to the right place if you want to fix Error Code 267 in Roblox. Allow me to give you a short guide on how to solve this pesky Error Code 267 and get your Roblox up and running again.

How to Solve Error Code 267 in Roblox

There are many potential culprits when it comes to Error Code 267 in Roblox. In most cases, it can be solved by either taking action or simply waiting long enough, but unfortunately, there’s no helping it in some specific cases. Let’s go through everything we know about Error Code 267.

1. Check if Roblox is Down

The first answer we are looking for is How to Check Roblox Server Status. If there are issues with Roblox itself, then there’s nothing much you can do about it except to wait.

2. Check if the Error appears in other Experiences in Roblox

Check a couple of other Experiences in Roblox to see if Error Code 267 will appear there as well. This is a quick troubleshooting and immediately should reveal if you are banned (or otherwise barred) from entering the Experience you want to play (if you can connect to anything else, that should be the case). Some Experiences do not allow freshly made accounts in, so that might be the reason behind your inability to enter (especially if it’s happening the first time you try to join). If you already were playing this Experience, you might be banned, temporarily or permanently.

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3. Make sure that your Internet Connection is working properly

You should restart your router and PC to “freshen” things up a bit. After that, check if you have software that can cause an impact on your internet connection, such as a Firewall, Antivirus, or VPN. Try playing Roblox while having said software disabled. If the problem vanishes, then try running Roblox while Roblox is added to the list of exceptions in your Firewall and Antivirus (VPN has no exceptions that I know of so you should just turn it off). Also, check if your network adapter’s drivers are up-to-date.

4. Disable extensions in your default Browser

It could be a great idea to disable every possible extension you use in your browser to see if the conflict is happening there. At first, disable them all, and if the error is gone, try enabling them one by one to see if there is a culprit, and then get rid of it.

An additional step to try if you have the time: Try installing a fresh, new browser and set it as Default, either through the browser’s prompt or by following this official Microsoft Windows Guide.

5. Disable any software that may interfere with Roblox

I am talking about Cheat Engine and similar programs that may inject some code into Roblox. It could be a screen recording software for all we know, some random overlay application, etc.

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6. Try playing with a brand-new account

This might not work if the Experience does not allow fresh accounts, but at any rate, create one right now, so that it lays dormant for a while. Who knows when you’ll need it?

7. Check-in with Roblox Support

You can also try consulting Roblox Support, which will be glad to help you with this issue if nothing worked. When contacting them, make sure to write about all troubleshooting you’ve done so far. It will greatly help them serve you with a faster and more precise answer.

I sincerely hope that at least one of these troubleshooting steps allowed you to play the Experience you want. I invite you to click on our Roblox tag where you will find all sorts of guides such as Can You Be Unbanned In Roblox? as well as promo codes for most popular experiences, such as Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes.

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