How to Fix Error Code 2005-0003 on Nintendo Switch

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So, you’ve gotten the Error Code 2005-0003 on Nintendo Switch. Luckily, getting an error code can be a blessing in disguise that tells you exactly what the problem is about, which greatly narrows down the troubleshooting steps you should apply to fix the error code 2005-0003 on your Nintendo Switch. Here are the steps you should follow to solve error code 2005-0003 on your Nintendo Switch.

How to Solve the 2005-0003 Error Code on Nintendo Switch

Error 2005-0003 is mostly related to the SD card. Now is a good moment to remind you that you should not remove your SD card during downloading and installation of content you are getting on your Switch.

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1. Make sure that your Nintendo Switch is updated to the latest version

  1. From Home, go to System Settings.
  2. In System settings, go to System Update.
  3. In there, you can initiate the update on your Switch.
  4. When you make sure that your Switch is updated, restart your Switch (from Power options or by holding the Power button for about 3-5 seconds)

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2. Check if there’s something wrong with the SD card

  • Double-check if your SD card has enough space.
  • Try removing your SD card, checking if it’s perhaps dirty (dust on contact surface is not good) and after making sure it’s clean, put the SD card back in and see if the issue persists.
  • If it does persist, please try a different SD card if you have one nearby.
  • If the issue persists or you do not have another SD card, try downloading to Nintendo Switch’s memory directly (while the SD card is removed).
  • If the downloaded software/game works from Nintendo Switch’s system memory, please try to Format your SD card.

If nothing works, maybe you should send your Switch for repair. From there, you will need to follow the form, which is pretty much straightforward.

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