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How to Fix Error Code 14515 in COD MW2

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Most of the error codes that appear in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2 are tied to the multiplayer aspects of the game. In other words, the servers have numerous reasons for potential errors, and one of the common encounters is error code 14515, which I’m here to explain so you can get back in action. Here’s how to fix error code 14515 in COD MW2.

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Error Code 14515 in COD MW2 Explained

To fix error code 14515 in COD Modern Warfare 2, restart your game and check for any updates that have been pushed. This error code is tied to the servers, and most of the time the issue is a fresh update to the game. Call of Duty MW2 has tons of small updates, whether they are for the servers or playlists, and multiple changes per week are normal.

Image via Activision.

If you are already in the game when an update is pushed, it can cause some issues, especially if you are trying to join another friend. So, the first option to fix error code 14515 is to simply restart your game and make sure the updated playlists went into effect before jumping into a match with your friends.

When error code 14515 isn’t linked to an update, it simply means there is an issue with the MW2 servers. Now this could mean there is a problem with the COD servers or the connection from your side. Again, restarting your game or your system is the first step in solving this. However, if the issue continues, I recommend checking the Activision server status to double-check the issue.

If the servers are online and green, then you need to restart your own internet if the problems persist. In most cases, error code 14515 will eventually fix itself unless the core issue is with your own internet. Just give it some time and you can jump back into some MW2 Multiplayer matches.

Once you’re back in, if you’re looking for some fun builds, read through my guide on the best quickscope loadout in MW2.

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