How to Fix Error BN-564 in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 recently debuted its full release update, featuring the new character Illari, the first three missions of the PvE Story Mode, the new Flashpoint mode, and more! This has all been fairly well received, with many particularly enjoying the new permanent mode, though some have had issues connecting. Particularly for PlayStation users, one issue has been causing headaches. Here’s how to fix the error BN-564 in Overwatch 2.

How to Fix BN-564 on PlayStation in Overwatch 2

The first, and most common, reason this error could be popping up is due to the game being under maintenance. This tends to happen if the team is trying to implement an update of some sort, or are trying to fix issues with the servers. If you run into this error, check the official BlizzardCS Twitter account to see if anything is underway. If that isn’t the case, then the other fix is to unlink and relink your account and PlayStation account. To do this, repeat the following steps:

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  • Head to the site, log in, and go to Account Settings.
  • Select the Connections option on the left sidebar.
  • Click the Disconnect button on the PlayStation Network option, then restart Overwatch 2.
  • Reconnect the accounts by clicking the Connect button at the same spot, then follow the steps they provide.
  • Restart Overwatch 2 once more.

Once you’ve done all that, Overwatch 2 should work for you. If it doesn’t, then you’ll either need to head to the Technical Support forum or get in contact with Blizzard Support directly. One of the two should be able to help you get access to your account once again.

If you run into other errors while trying to play the game, check out our guide on what the “Error Starting Game, Try Again” issue is in Overwatch 2.

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