How to Fix Entry Point Not Found Error in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy is kind of a janky game, to be honest. Even if you’re having fun with it (I’m not sure myself yet), you can’t deny there have been some issues. And I don’t just mean the regular day one server capacity problems. One such issue appears to have players running into a strange error noting “Entry Point Not Found.” Is there a fix for this thing? What does it even mean? We’ll do our best here.

Entry Point Not Found Error Explained

So, it turns out this isn’t an error that’s native to Tower of Fantasy. It just seems like people are running into it either by coincidence, or some weird issue buried in the game’s installation. According to Driver Easy and other online IT support sites, Entry Point Not Found means something didn’t connect when your OS tried to hand the keys over to the software. In this case, Tower of Fantasy’s executable.

Depending on the software, there could be a number of possible solutions. For one, this error is typically associated with a DLL file. And if that’s the case you’ll be able to see which file right on the error message window. There are a number of services online that host DLL files, although it’s important to be careful about where you’re getting stuff from. Some less than wholesome sites use DLL problems to hit folks with malware and stuff.

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You can also use your OS itself to try and fix the problem. Windows’ System File Checker comes in handy in situations like these. Open up your Command Prompt and issue the command “sfc /scannow” and let the machine do its thing. Restart after it’s done, and hopefully, that fixes your issue.

Another easy possible fix is to simply reinstall the program giving you trouble. Considering how janky Tower of Fantasy is, that could very well be the ticket for most folks encountering the Entry Point Not Found error. Make sure all your drivers and stuff are up to date as well. You know, the usual PC gaming troubleshooting steps. Or just play the game on your phone like a civilized person.

If all else fails, there’s the nuclear option of a system restore. Go through the Windows recovery process and restore it to an earlier date, and cross your fingers.

If none of the above works, you’re either the victim of some kind of weird malware, or you’re trying to run your game on an outdated OS. We wish you luck and short conversations with Microsoft support chat. Godspeed, gamers.

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