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How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code GUITAR

What do do if your Destiny 2 can't get past the Charge Stage

by Lucas White

There’s a Destiny 2 error code that seems to be bothering people, and as someone who hasn’t played Destiny 2 since the one-liner robot man died, I’m the perfect person to address it. If you’re wondering how to fix the Destiny 2 error code GUITAR, well, there actually is a solution for this one. For once, I’m writing an error code guide I feel good about! Join me in celebrating this momentous occasion, or keep reading so you can get your answer and bounce.

How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code GUITAR

To troubleshoot the GUITAR error if it’s keeping you out of Destiny 2, it seems to be a cache problem. Bungie recommends clearing your cache for the game regardless of if you’re playing on consoles, Steam, or the Epic Games Store. Stadia isn’t mentioned here; dunno if the streaming version is safer or if it’s just a matter of “why bother” at this point. RIP.

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So, according to Bungie, which has a support site worth checking before doing Google searches, GUITAR is related to items. Specifically, too many items being on the ground without being picked up. This appears to be an issue that pops up in specific activities, Gambit being an example given. To get ahead of GUITAR, these are the items that can trigger it if too many build up:

  • Orbs of Power
  • Glimmer
  • Engrams (Rare, Legendary, Powerful, etc.)
  • Ammo (Primary, Special, Heavy)
  • Destination Materials

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It seems like the Last Wish raid is, in particular, a pretty nasty breeding ground for GUITAR errors. If too many drops are on the ground after fighting Riven, the whole team will have to deal with a crashing server. As far as I can tell, if that happens, the whole group will have to go on a cache-clearing adventure.

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