How to Fix CS:GO Constant Crashing During Map Loading

Let's fix this sudden error.

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The backstory for me and a couple of friends for this article is as follows: We played CS:GO for hours without any interruptions or technical issues and then, all of a sudden, CS:GO started crashing constantly during map loading (near the end of it, to be more precise) and there was no going back to the match. If you are reading this, it’s too late. You’ll get the “abandon” penalty almost certainly, since the solution is not an instant one, even though it’s very easy to apply. Here’s how you can solve your CS:GO from crashing every time you try to load a map.

How to Solve and Stop Constant Crashes When Map is Loading in CS:GO

After rummaging through a lot of troubleshooting articles on various websites and spending almost an hour on solving this issue, I have found what action solves the issue for me and my friends, so I decided to share this information with you all:

For some unbeknownst reason, something weird happens with your CS:GO files completely randomly which causes these crashes to happen. No matter how many times you try to reconnect, restart Steam, or restart your PC, the issue persists. If anything you’re experiencing matches our experience, the solution is right under this line.

How to Verify Integrity of Game Files in CS:GO

Here’s how to verify the integrity of game files in just a few steps:

  • In your Steam Library, right-click on CS:GO, and then go to Properties.
  • Under Installed Files, you will find the “Verify integrity of Game Files” on the right side. Check the screenshot below if navigation assistance is needed.
  • Click the option and let Steam do its thing. Please note that this will take quite some time, and that’s exactly why I mentioned that the “abandon” penalty is inevitable…

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After your files have been verified you can easily go back to playing CS:GO (after your “abandon” penalty passes). I find it appalling that such things can happen out of nowhere and that there’s no recourse for the penalty inflicted on your account without your direct fault. But, it is what it is.

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