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How to Fix ‘Connecting to your Account’ Error in Minecraft Legends

Another error.

by Jesse Vitelli

Minecraft Legends will require a Mojang account and an online connection if you’re trying to play versus mode. Sometimes when the servers are being hammered by an influx of players or other reasons, you can have trouble connecting. If you’re running into the “Connecting to your Account” error message in Minecraft Legends, we have a fix for you below.

How to Fix ‘Connecting to your Account’ Error in Minecraft Legends

If you’re experiencing the “Connecting to your account” error in Minecraft Legends, there are a few possible solutions to fix the problem.

Your Router

First off, try resetting your router and ensuring that the internet you’re playing on is stable; if the game cannot connect to your account, it might be a problem on your end. This is always an excellent first step and can provide a quick solution without having to jump through hurdles.


If you’re using a VPN to change your internet location, disable that. A VPN can cause all sorts of problems when connecting online and this might be why your Minecraft account isn’t connecting.

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Clearing the Cache

Clearing your Cache and Data in Minecraft Legends is a possible fix as well. Go into your Device Manager and locate the Minecraft Legends folder. From here, clear out the Cache folders and restart the game. This often fixes the issue as something corrupted can be found in the folder.

Server Troubles

Finally, and the answer no one wants to hear, is that it simply might be an issue on Mojangs end. If there is a large influx of players or something else, it can cause massive strain on the server. You can use a third-party tool like DownDetector to see if the game is experiencing issues.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to fix the “Connecting to your account” error in Minecraft Legends. For more tips, tricks, and guides, stay right here at Prima Games. Once you get into the game, you’ll likely need some help getting started. Here’s where to find Iron in Minecraft Legends.

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