How to Find Zygarde Cells in Pokemon GO

The Complete Forme of Zygarde can only be obtained with a Perfect Cell collection.

Zygarde Cells Pokemon GO
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When it comes to Pokemon with unique evolution methods in the mainline Pokemon games, Niantic is sure to come up with an even more interesting method for its players. This is definitely true for Zygarde, the legendary Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon. Zygarde has three stages, and each stage is obtained by collecting a certain amount of Zygarde Cells. Here is how to find Zygarde Cells in Pokemon GO.

Where to Collect Zygarde Cells in Pokemon GO

Zygarde’s unique forms make for an interesting addition to Pokemon GO. To collect enough Zygarde Cells, trainers will need to utilize the Routes feature. To do this, follow the below steps.

  1. Click on the radar on the bottom right of the screen to bring up the Nearby tab.
  2. Click on the Route option
  3. Click on See Nearby Routes
  4. Make your way to the Route beginning or end (these can be rotated).
  5. Walk the Route

When you walk along the Route, you must make sure to be paying attention to the game at all times. Whilst staying safe, of course. Zygarde Cells will appear as you walk along the Route, and you must tap on them to collect them. They will not automatically be added to your inventory or received upon completion of a Route. Trust me, I made the mistake of obliviously completing Routes expecting to be awarded them at the end. Only to discover I should have been collecting them manually all along. Don’t be me.

Zygarde Cells will be stored in a Zygarde Cube, which you can access via your Items. Scroll down to Key Items, and you will find it. Clicking on it will show you how many Zygarde Cells you have gathered, and you can use it to change Zygarde into its three possible forms.

Zygarde FormsZygarde Cells Required
10% FormeObtainable from ‘From A to Zygarde’ special research.
50% Forme50
Complete Forme200

Even if you live in a well-populated area with plenty of Routes, it will still take you quite some time to collect enough Zygarde Cells to be able to obtain the Complete Forme of Zygarde. It’s best to make Routes a part of your routine and do them when you can so that your Zygarde Cell collection will grow over time. Of course, you need to complete the special research ‘From A to Zygarde’ first to have access to 10% Zygarde and the Zygarde Cube.

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