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How to Find Zenobia in Hogwarts Legacy

No more wandering around looking for people

by Madison Benson
How to Find Zenobia Noke in Hogwarts Legacy

When you begin your Hogwarts Legacy adventures, you’ll immediately find yourself fighting enemies and embarking on a long, magical journey. Following the tutorial’s events, you’ll arrive at the Hogwarts school to attend classes and befriend your classmates.

One student you can talk to during an early game side quest is Zenobia Noke, who’ll ask you to locate some Gobstones for her. We’re not here to talk about the Gobstones, though. Instead, we’re focusing on how to find the student to start the quest! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to find Zenobia Noke in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Find Zenobia Noke in Hogwarts Legacy

Zenobia Noke is a character you have to speak with to begin the “Gobs of Gobstones” side mission. Although you’re not required to finish this to progress through the story, it lets you take a short break from the main quest and explore the school more.

To look for Zenobia quickly, start at the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower Floo Flame and head down the nearby staircase. There are several flights to go down, so continue until you find an animal skeleton on display. When you turn southwest from this spot, you’ll see Zenobia leaning against a pillar, ready to talk to you about the quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Zenobia Quest Location

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After collecting all six Gobstones, go to the spot near the pillar to find Zenobia awaiting your arrival. She’ll question how you got them back before asking you to return them, to which you can either say yes or no. Regardless of your answer, you’ll be rewarded for completing the quest.

Immediately after finishing the quest, Zenobia leaves this spot and goes to the Viaduct Courtyard to play Gobstones with another student. While this doesn’t lead to another mission, you can wait around the Courtyard and hear dialogue between the two characters.

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