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Coral Island wasabi
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Completing every Lake Temple altar bundle is a satisfying accomplishment, especially if you’ve spent dozens of hours grinding for every material, food item, and gem they ask for. Let’s talk about where to find wasabi in Coral Island.

Where to Find Wasabi in Coral Island: Wasabi Spawn Locations

Wasabi is a spring forageable found in the forest, Garden Lane, and the Woodlands. As you search these areas, look for a bright, leafy green root emerging from the ground. The wasabi root will appear in your inventory upon harvesting it, allowing you to use it however you wish.

My go-to method for finding wasabi is to explore the forest after it rains. Not only is the forest close to your farm, but I typically have better luck spotting some during and after rainy days.

However, it is still possible to spot some on regular dry days, so keep searching these areas and don’t lose hope if you haven’t had any rain recently.

What Is Wasabi Used for in Coral Island?

Wasabi is a root vegetable used for gifting and cooking. It is a liked gift for most villagers, while Jim loves it and four characters – Eva, Leah, Raj, and Scott – dislike it. You can also blend it into wasabi paste or cook it into sashimi.

Alternatively, if you have already completed Mythical Dream and can access the Lake Temple, you can use it in the Crop Altar’s Spring Sesajen bundle. Below are the items you need for this offering:

  • Wasabi
  • Morel
  • Turnip
  • Carrot
  • Daisy

You’ll receive sugarcane seeds as a reward for bringing all five items to the Crop Altar.

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