How to Find Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Keep an eye out for this valuable resource.

Disney Dreamlight Valley tropical wood
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Tropical wood is a raw resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley you’ll need for quests, favorite villager gifts, and furniture crafting throughout your playthrough. Let’s talk about where to find this valuable material.

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December 8, 2023 Update:

A known bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley prevents tropical wood from respawning. Gameloft is aware of this issue and has sent out an in-game key resources bundle with over 200 tropical wood to compensate for this.

Where to Find Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Tropical wood spawns exclusively in the Grasslands of Eternity Isle, the region added in the Rift in Time expansion pack. Unlike many other resources available in multiple biomes, tropical wood only appears in one, making it a rare material.

Tropical wood spawns around trees in the Grasslands, much like wood types in the Dreamlight Valley region. With this in mind, if you enjoy decorating biomes with furniture, keep some trees around to ensure some will always spawn. While you won’t want to cram the space with dozens of trees, having a few around increases your odds of finding tropical wood later.

Tropical wood appears as an orange-brown pile of leafy sticks on the ground around trees. It is the only wood type to spawn on Eternity Isle, so if you spot any, you’ll know what it is right away. If you don’t see any, leave and return to the area later before checking to see if more appear.

Once you acquire some tropical wood, you can create the Small Evil Plant Watering Can Potion at a Timebending table to upgrade your watering can. You can access this recipe by heading into your Timebending table, selecting Special, and picking the watering can potion recipe. This upgrade allows you to remove flowers from the Grasslands, giving you an alternate tropical wood source.

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