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How to Find the Potions Classroom in Hogwarts Legacy

Better not be late to Potions class!

by Priscilla Wells
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Any good witch or wizard will tell you that potions are an incredibly important element of their magical journey. What better way to get acquainted with these interesting concoctions than the Potions Classroom? However, Hogwarts is vast, and it can be quite difficult to navigate at times. Keep reading to discover how to find the Potions Classroom in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Find the Potions Classroom in Hogwarts Legacy

There are two methods that the player can use to make their way to the Potions Classroom. The first method is by manually walking there and the second is by taking advantage of the inbuilt fast travel mechanic – the Floo Flame network. Of course, you are unable to use the latter option until you have unlocked the network location first and thus will need to manually make your way there.

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The most convenient starting place to get to the Potions Classroom is in the Central Hall. Look for a statue and once you come across it, follow the path south until you get to a left turn. You will know you are heading in the correct direction when you come across a set of doors guarded by suits of armor. Go through this door and then you will have made it to your destination – the Potions Classroom.

As mentioned earlier, Hogwarts Legacy does allow for fast travel. Whilst you are in the Potions Classroom, you should take advantage of this by using the Floo Flame in the room to unlock access to the location for future use.

That is all there is to it! Now you have easy access to the Potions Classroom in Hogwarts Legacy and can concoct funky, bubbly, brews to your hearts content. Happy Wizarding!

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