How to Find the Megabomb in MW3 Zombies

It's fluffy

Megabomb MW3 Zombies
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When you reach Act 3 of the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies story, you will be forced to face the Megabomb beast. This zombified version of Fluffy won’t appear just anywhere, so this guide will help you locate your next tough battle.

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Where to Find a Megabomb in MW3 Zombies

The Megabomb is located in the high-threat zone of Urzikstan near the major roads that lead into the center of the map. Any time you open up your map, the high-threat zone is always marked by red and it’s a relatively small area compared to the other two zones. However, it can still be tough to find the three-headed beast in the red zone.

Most of the major pathways leading into the high-threat zone will have a Megabomb guarding it, and I’ve always been able to find one under the bridge directly in the center of Urzikstan. It depends on how fast you can reach the area because the multiplayer aspect of the mode can make finding the beast a real struggle.

When I was searching for the Megabomb in MW3 Zombies, I was forced to wait nearly 15 minutes near the center bridge for the best to appear. If other players take out a Megabomb, you need to wait some time for a new respawn or wait until the next match, which can be a real waste of resources.

One final way you can attempt to find a Megabomb is to pick up a Bounty Contract within the high-threat zone. Sometimes these can lead to battles with high-level Mimics or Disciples, but there is always the chance of a Megabomb enemy on steroids. Just be ready for a version of the beast that is much harder to take down in MW3 Zombies.

To make the Most Firepower mission easier, make sure you know where to Pack-A-Punch your weapons.

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