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How to Find the Horned Wreath in Destiny 2

Just a quick little jaunt into hell

by Daphne Fama

Shadowkeep is one of my favorite expansions in Destiny, but there are certain quests that can absolutely throw you for a loop. And that includes Essence of Vanity, which asks perfectly normal things of you, like completing activities and getting certain weapon kills… only to task you with finding a random item in the butt-end of who-knows-where. Here’s how to find the Horned Wreath in Destiny 2.

How to Find the Horned Wreath in Destiny 2

The Horned Wreath is much more difficult to find when compared to the Captive Cord. But it’s still perfectly doable.

First things first, head to the Hellmouth part of the map however you prefer. Going South from the Sorrow’s Harbor quick travel point is the fastest method.

Once there, head towards the Hellmouth, using Earth as your guide. You’ll see a vaguely sickly green looking entrance. Enter, and immediately turn left where you’ll see a surprisingly lovely statement window. Approach the window, then turn right.

You can ride your Sparrow here! And I suggest you do so. Zip and zoom your way down the hall until you get a notification saying you’ve entered “The Gatehouse”.

Here is a good time to jump off your Sparrow, as there will be enemies. Head forward, but keep your eyes on the right. There will be an orange lit corridor. Follow it and take the first available left. You’ll enter a room with one normal Wizard and a few Acolytes. Kill them, then take the first turn right.

You’ll see a spooky floating ghost shadow. Go past it, then continue to descend through the rocky tunnel. This tunnel will open up into a room with a Barrier Knight (possibly a random spawn), a Knight, and a few Acolytes. I really recommend not moving around too much in this room, as it’s easy to get turned around.

Head towards the green-lit entrance just past this strange structure. Follow it down until you reach a bridge. Turn left, platforming across the void until you reach Circle of Bones.

Once you’ve entered the Circle of Bones, keep straight. Feel free to kill the dozens of Acolytes here if you like. Head towards the balcony, then turn right so you’re walking along the ledge. You’ll very quickly see a door in the orange-lit area almost immediately adjacent to the room you just left. It has a gothic/organic chandelier over it. Gorgeous, honestly.

Enter this door, and follow the dreary, windy corridor. Eventually, you’ll get a notification you’re entering The World’s Grave. Immediately turn left upon leaving the hall and you’ll see a geometric open door, with some scarlet trim. Head towards it, and you’ll enter a large chamber with enemies. You can kill them, but always have a sense of where you entered the room from. It’s extremely easy to get turned around here. From the entrance of the chamber, take the first door on your right.

This will take you down a somehow even darker corridor. At the first split, turn right. This will take you to the Chamber of Night. The path will eventually split again, but this time go left.

Keep your eye to the right. When it opens up to a large, grand corridor, go towards it. You’re going to need to make your way through, and there will be a lot of enemies. Follow it, while hugging the wall right, and you’ll reach a narrower corridor that seems more rock and cement-like.

This rocky corridor will eventually open up and lead to a geometric, orange-lit door. Enter this door, and you’ll find yourself in another long corridor. Just head straight. Do not take any of the detours. Eventually, it will open up into a massive, bone filled cave. And it will be empty… except for the Unstoppable Ogre. They can never let things be easy, can they?

Defeat it whatever way you like (I prefer the Novabomb Nuke). Head left, beneath the rock outcropping, and you’ll find the Horned Wreath laid out rather unceremoniously beside some rather luminous crystals on top of a rock. If you haven’t already completed the quest, you should also get a map marker leading you right to it. Not an easy trek by any means! But you made it.

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Which would have been so much more helpful at the start of this trek. Pick it up, then return to Eris Morn in Sanctuary. For your trouble, you’ll get Tranquility, a Legendary Sniper Rifle.

It’s a solidly okay gun, for both PvE and PvP, with its god roll being:

  • Basic Barrel – Arrowhead Brake. +30 Recoil, +10 Handling.
  • Basic Magazine – Accurized Round. +10 Range.
  • Basic Trait 1 – Auto-Loading Holster. Refreshes stowed weapon from reserves after 2.5 seconds.
  • Basic Trait 2 – Firing Line. While within X meters of 2+ allies, 20% increased precision damage.

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